A New Home

“The best villains never believe they’re the bad guy.”

I’m not sure where I first read that quote, but at least I know when I found it. It’s been staring at me from a yellow sticky tacked to the front of my computer monitor for a couple of years, when I was in the midst of writing my first novel. 

Since then, I’ve started the blog, stopped writing, restarted the blog, and eventually it had been so long since I had written anything if felt like I had stopped writing altogether—which I guess I had. back in January I lost the domain name when Google, via Blogger, refused to renew it. It took a few months in order to get it back, this time registering it with WordPress.

Now that I’m back at it, my goal for the blog is simple: To write. I’m not going to just write about the novel or the writing process or running or any other one thing. I’m not going to hold myself to 1,000-word entries or even 500-word ones. I’m going to write about whatever comes to mind, and the entries will be as short or as long as necessary.

It’s good to be back.